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#49 Consolidated Scrypt Based Mining Guide for 5xxx, 6xxx, and 7xxx GPUs (MinCoin...

Posted by SuperTramp on 19 September 2013 - 05:19 AM

As long as MinCoin is using a scrypt based hashing algorithm this litecoin minning guide will work for MinCoin as well.


Litecoin is a cryptocurrency that uses an alternative, memory hard hashing algorithm called scrypt that was devised by mathematics' prodigy Colin Percival. The algorithm utilizes SHA256 and a stream function called salsa20 to force devices that mine it to either use a lot of memory or use dramatically more ALU cycles to perform a hash.  With the parameters used in Litecoin's implementation of scrypt (N = 1024; p = 1; r = 1), each thread uses approximately 64-128 KB depending on the settings for lookup_gap and thread_concurrency in the mining program when mining with a GPU.  Because GPUs have such fast memory (bandwidth in the hundreds of GB/s) and roughly 128-512 KB of RAM per stream processor, they are ideal for mining Litecoin.  This requirement for fast memory in order to mine quickly results in Litecoin being FPGA and ASIC resistant; although ASICs may one day come out for Litecoin, they are not expected to garner the same performance increases as for Bitcoin (two orders of magnitude more efficient).


The major factor which impacts hash rate/hardware errors is the thread_concurrency.  The second most important factor for some cards is the ratio of core speed to memory speed.  Typically optimum values of thread_concurrency are a multiple of 64 and vary per card and per card family (see below).  The (core speed/memory speed) quotient should be 0.8 or less for 5xxx/6xxx cards and 0.7 or less for most 7xxx cards.  Some evidence suggests that different 7xxx cards may have different ideal core:memory clock ratios, too.

GUIMiner-scrypt is out!  Comes with all settings in this thread and all miners.  No more command line interfaces!  Try it here.

For all series cards,
Install AMD APP SDK: http://developer.amd...es/default.aspx
Install latest AMD drivers: http://support.amd.c...ages/index.aspx
Use current recommend AMD driver (12.8):
13.1 32-bit
13.1 64-bit

5xxx series cards
Use cgminer.
Command line to run:

cgminer --scrypt -o http://yourpool.com:port -u username -p password --thread-concurrency ???? -I 18 -g 1 -w 256

You can use pretty much any thread_concurrency between 1536 and 8192 that is a multiple of 64. Some people recommend using 4 or 5 * the number of SPs.  You can find those in the table here: http://en.wikipedia....een_(GPU_family) (1st number in core config)

Recommended thread concurrencies for
57xx cards: 2368-4096 (3200 is common)
58xx cards: 4096-8192 (5600, 7168, and 8000 are common)
5970 card: 4096-8192 (5632 or 8000 are common)

Typical 5xxx series performance: 0.255 kh/s/shader

6xxx series cards
Use cgminer.
Command line to run:

cgminer --scrypt -o http://yourpool.com:port -u username -p password --thread-concurrency ???? -I 18 -g 1 -w 256

You can use pretty much any thread_concurrency between 1536 and 8192 that is a multiple of 64.  Some people recommend using 4 or 5 * the number of SPs.  You can find those in the table here: http://en.wikipedia....nds_(GPU_family) (1st number in core config)

Recommended thread concurrencies for
67xx cards: 2368-4096 (3200 is common)
68xx cards: 3008-6144 (4800 is common)
69xx cards: 4096-8192 (5600, 7168, and 8000 are common)
6990 card: 4096-8192 (5632 or 8000 are common)

Typical 6xxx series performance: 0.313 kh/s/shader

7xxx series cards
Use reaper or cgminer versions 2.11.3 and up (see update below).  Set thread_concurrency to somewhere slightly below 64 * bus_width_of_card_in_bits.  So, for a 7950, that would be 64 * 384 = 24576; ideal values are 21712 or 24000.  Find your bus width here: http://en.wikipedia....nds_(GPU_family)

To find the optimum thread_concurrency for your card, you will need to search above and below this estimate ideal value and see what is fastest.

If you'd like to use reaper, follow the steps below.

Make reaper.conf the following:

kernel reaper.cl
save_binaries yes
enable_graceful_shutdown no
long_polling yes
platform 0
device 0
# device 1
# device 2
# device 3

mine litecoin

device ? must be added for every card you have to avoid using the CPU as well to mine.  Make sure when reaper starts that it states that the CPU platform is disabled.  CPU mining does not work correctly and may actually slow down GPU mining with reaper.

Example configuration (550kh/s, 7950) of litecoin.conf:


port 8344
user username
pass password

protocol litecoin

worksize 256
vectors 1
aggression 20
threads_per_gpu 1
sharethreads 32
lookup_gap 2
gpu_thread_concurrency 21712

Save litecoin.conf and run reaper.exe.

The 7xxx series can be tricky, for instance the 7770 seems to have an optimum thread concurrency of 8000 and works fine with cgminer and an intensity of 16 (I get 191kh/s with those settings).  The 79xx cards should be amenable to the configuration above and are the fastest possible cards you can mine with.

Optimal thread concurrencies for 7xxx family:
7770: 8000 (200 kh/s, aggression 19)
7850: ????
7870: 15360 (400 kh/s, aggression 19)
7950: 21712 or 24000 (~575 kh/s)
7970 (cgminer): 22392 (~700 kh/s can be obtained with a core/memory ratio of 0.57)
7970 (reaper): 20992, 21712, or 24000 (~
7750: ????
7770: 8000 (200 kh/s, aggression 19)
7850: ????
7870: 15360 (400 kh/s, aggression 19)
7950: 21712 or 24000 (~575 kh/s)
7970 (cgminer): 22392 (~700 kh/s can be obtained with a core/memory ratio of 0.57) or 8192 (-g 2 -w 256 -I 13)
7970 (reaper): 20992, 21712, or 24000 (~650 kh/s can be obtained with reaper and core/memory ratio of 0.57, e.g. 900 MHz core and 1580 MHz memory.  Over 725 KH/s can be achieved with memory overvolting.)

Typical 7xxx series performance: 0.321 kh/s/shader

If reaper crashes periodically on a single card, use the following python script to keep it alive (starts reaper, runs for two hours, shuts it down, then restarts it):

import os, subprocess, time

while True:
      print("Starting reaper...")
      p = subprocess.Popen("C:\\Users\\my-pc\\Desktop\\reaper\\reaper.exe")
      print("Terminating reaper...")

This seems to fix the problem for my 3x 7950 rig.

Update: 3-20-13
cgminer versions 2.11.3 and up can be used to mine with high thread concurrencies now.  Follow these instructions:
WINDOWS: Open console and type


Now, close the console (it will not work if you open cgminer in the same window).  Open cgminer using a .bat or a new console, high thread concurrencies will now work.

LINUX: Open terminal and type


Now high thread concurrencies should work in cgminer.


Usually it is most effective to have the memory speed of the card equal to or greater than the core clock speed.  For some cards this is more important than others, but this is generally true.  From experimental data for a 7770, a (core speed)/(memory speed) ratio of 0.7 or less is recommended.

CGMINER: Use a comma to separate thread-concurrency values, eg. --thread-concurrency 3200,8000.  Values correspond to the card number in zeroeth order.
REAPER: Run multiple instances of reaper.  To do this, clone the folder and then add "device x" to reaper.conf, where x is the number for the card in zeroeth order.

The equivalent amount of system RAM as for the sum of all the vRAM used by the GPUs is required when mining with reaper.  For instance, 3x 5970s mining with thread_concurrency values of 8000 each would require 3x 500MB = 1500MB system ram (plus additional RAM for the OS).  The memory requirements for 7xxx cards are also higher because of larger thread_concurrency values, for instance a thread_concurrency of 24000 means 1.5GB system RAM per card is required.

Some people state that increased hash rates are experienced upon increasing the number of threads per GPU in 5xxx series cards (-g # in cgminer or threads_per_gpu # in reaper).  That has not been my experience with 6xxx or 7xxx cards, but you can try it and see if it helps out your hash rate.

Supported by some pools (ltcmine.ru, notroll.in, coinotron.com) in order to reduce the number of stales.  Typical results moving from JSON getwork to stratum is a reduction in stales from 1.5% to 0.5%.  If you use reaper, you need to use a fork which is available here and a stratum proxy

Run proxy program with this command for reaper:

mining_proxy.exe -pa scrypt --host yourpool.com --port ####

Then run reaper with the following host:


and your normal user/password for the pool.

For large hash rates.  Go here: https://bitcointalk....p?topic=83371.0
The guide works the same for unix as well more or less.

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#841 [PROPOSAL] MNC -> Giftcards

Posted by sdf on 15 October 2013 - 11:33 AM

In this thread, I hope to lay out a concept for a way to exchange MNC for giftcards redeemable both online and at physical store locations.


It is my opinion that exchanging MNC to giftcards would provide the quickest, most legal way to redeem an alt-currency for something rather identical to fiat.


Q: Why is it the quickest?

With a little bit of automation, it is possible for a customer to send MNC- either from a client or from user to user on mcxnow- within a few minutes. Once this transaction is verified, an Amazon giftcard could be purchased in fiat by the business and emailed to the customer. The customer could then redeem that giftcard and spend it at a USD value equivalent to a person paying with a debit card.


This has multiple implications.


1) A bank account is not required on the customer's end.

No centralization, no arbitrary waiting periods and fees, no personal information, no seizing of assets.


2) Since giftcards are not "true fiat" (more below), the business operating this exchange should NOT be required to register with the gov't as a money exchanger.

This is because when you pay $25 for a "$25 gift card", you are paying for a "ticket" to purchase the equivalent of what the store values to be $25. You don't own $25 USD that are backed by the FDIC and a bank when you purchase a gift card. You own a piece of plastic redeemable for whatever is printed on it- it's up to the merchant to accept it or not. Since they were the ones who printed the card, it's probably in their interest to accept it!


As a result, this service would be of interest for anyone who is looking to go from MNC -> fiat -> physical goods, as I suspect very few of us out there are interested in holding fiat for a long period of time as a wise investment decision.


Q: Why not just make stores that accept MNC?

You do it, then. Until someone has the resources to match the distribution of Amazon, or Applebee's, or Newegg, this system makes the most sense in my mind. It is nice to have small shops that accept crypto, of course! But I don't see these ideas as mutually exclusive.


Q: How high would the premium have to be?

That is up to the business risking their fiat short-term to decide. I think while MNC's price remains unstable (0.0015-0.0029 is not stable), a reasonable premium would be 5-15%. It depends on the orderbooks, the status of whales in the market (pumping or dumping?), and the need for the business to cover expenses. There is no overhead in this business model, unless the business is doing some of this on credit. Then they would need to dump a percentage of their coins to cover expenses.


When MNC price is stable (whales identified, mining hashrate stable, more competition among services and exchanges), then the premium should be as close to face as possible.


Please reply/pm/email me if you have any questions about this content!


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#3453 MinCoin [Investment] Give-Away !

Posted by akulkhan10 on 11 March 2015 - 09:15 AM




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#3025 How to "Back Up & Restore" your wallet.dat

Posted by CC66 on 24 April 2014 - 07:14 PM

How To "Back Up & Restore" Your "wallet.dat" 


This guide is for newer members to the crypto community

It's the easiest method of keeping a wallet backup



Make sure your wallet is updated to the current block
To create your 'back up' file:

1: Click 'Backup Wallet' from the 'file menu'


2: Choose a file name for the 'Backup file':
(Any name is fine mncwallet.dat, mnc.dat....  etc. as long as you rename the file wallet.dat when/if you need to restore it)
3: Save the file in any file location: 
(for this guide i'm showing you how to save to desktop,  a flashdrive or two is safer than a pc thats online) 











Step: 3






Restoring the backup file


Step: 1





Step: 2



Step: 3



Step: 4





There are more advanced ways to back up your wallet

like paper wallet's and importing/exporting your private keys

But this is the method I've been using for a while now 

and has yet to fail me and even SAVED my butt!!! 

In a couple situations with the Bitcoin-QT where I thought all was lost!!! :rolleyes: 




You can make a backup of the wallet.dat file by copying and pasting it from it's folder location
but I've read from numerous dev's that it's not 100% safe compared to saving through the wallet GUI.
Keeping a backup file updated often is the only way to ensure 99.999% of it usefuleness
in the rare occasion you may need it.


Wallet.dat Back-up & Restore Guide



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#2321 Android/iOS - Devs NEEDED!

Posted by -Jt on 07 January 2014 - 08:48 AM



now that Mincoin is on it's way to being re-branded and re-launched with a whole new look and feel, part of this initiative will be to ensure we have wallets that are compatible with both Android and iOS, and having a simple Android price ticker (widget) tied to MCXnow (the home of MNC) would be nice too - but wallets are priority.


Do we have anybody here that's capable of coding something like this, starting with the wallets? I can help with design and graphics if need be.

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#816 Avoid Getting Caught in Pumps-and-Dumps!

Posted by sdf on 13 October 2013 - 11:20 PM

Text pasted from my article here: http://josephshanaha...mpanddumps.html


Two Simple Rules to Spot (and Exploit) Pump-and-Dumps!

Taking a look at the charts at mcxNOW or cryptocoincharts, you can quickly see patterns which resemble the classic pump-and-dump. Here's how to make some money during the frenzy!

The alternative cryptocurrency market (altcoins for short) is rife with what predatory traders make their living off of: pump-and-dumps. If you've ever bought an altcoin on the advice, news, or analysis of someone you don't know very well, there's a good chance that the price quickly dove below what you just paid for it. Why is that?

You likely fell victim to a pump-and-dump, which is a manipulation of the price of a coin based on shaky news, orderbook wizardry, or a big owner taking a payout. Don't worry- it has happened to all of us, even though most people won't admit it. In fact, most traders love seeing the early signs of a pump-and-dump, or even go out of their way to manufacture one themselves to make money off of you!

So, how do you make money in a market that might be rigged against you? Here's a list of tips and rules I follow when buying a coin:

Rule 1: "A coin is as strong as its development team".

This rule is so amazingly true that it defies all technical analysis ever made. This is because altcoins are a bit like stocks: you have to trust that the leadership and community supporting a coin are constantly thinking of new services and code to make a coin more useful compared to others.

Take for example Litecoin, a coin that in my opinion is not scarce, not fast, and no longer "innovative". There are hundreds of thousands of Litecoin made each day, which requires many new traders to support the current price. The blocks are slow compared to WorldCoin or MinCoin, which safely support block times of 30 seconds to 1 minute. And the only major innovation the development team offered- the scrypt algorithm- has been copied by tens of other coins. Further, the development team have publically asked for money to continue to develop the coin. This sounds incredibly weak to me.

So, if you see an upward movement on Litecoin, be wary! What is the news that spurred the buying? Is it a new service that is coming out (fiat exchange? TOR marketplace?)? Is a new big buyer (a "whale") buying coins? If you buy on the uptick, the people selling to you are likely taking a profit. If too many people decide to take a profit, you will be left "holding the bag", i.e., the overpriced coins you just bought!!!!

Rule 2: "Buy on silence, sell on rumor, buy again on delivery".

In this market, there is no news. There is only silence, speculation, and the actual delivery of a service. Those who buy on silence stand to make the most gain, because they are risking the most money without any indication anything positive is planned for the coin.

Then, when a new idea is proposed to the community as "news", people will quickly start buying. The classic example we all know is "Litecoin will be on Mt. Gox soon!". Every LiteCoin pump revolves around this, almost like a joke. And yet new buyers continue to lose money on it, because the rumors never materialize.

If Litecoin ever does end up on Mt. Gox, however, it would be wise to buy. Once a service is delivered, the person providing that services has the intention of keeping it going. This is because it makes him money- and gives him recognition.

So there you have it! Two simple rules that you should always follow when considering buying a coin during a high volume frenzy. Sometimes it is better to miss the boat than hold the bag. If you aren't confident in spotting high and low prices, it is better to get in on the bottom through the above scouting tips.

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#3984 MinCoin Forum Is On Facebook !!

Posted by SuperTramp on 24 March 2016 - 07:21 PM

Don't Forget To

Stop By Our Facebook Page and Like Us !! :)


MinCoinForum On Facebook



MinCoin, The #1 Digtial Commodity

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#3150 MinCoin [Investment] Give-Away !

Posted by SuperTramp on 17 December 2014 - 04:47 PM

G1g7Kra.png FREE MinCoin G1g7Kra.png


MinCoin Give-Away For Our Loyal Users




-25 MinCoin Gift-

Just Post Your MinCoin Address In This Thread

And Get A Free 25 MinCoin Holiday Gift !!

*Limited Time Offer!!






Happy NewYear,

     -MinCoin Staff :)


*Offer Good For Up To 100 users

MinCoin, The #1 Digital Commodity.

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#2984 Verified LLC & FinCEN Approved USD Exchange, PRYPTO And MINCOIN Partner Up

Posted by LongAndShort on 06 April 2014 - 02:26 AM


Thats right kids a new and exciting exchange has been setup to start taking USD transfers and has now added MinCoin

The owner of the site even named his child ATOMIC to symbolize how focused and confident he is with his trade engine becoming one of cryptos' finest exchanges

So i am Extremely proud to announce that he added MinCoin    :)


Atomic Trade Exchange has a lotto which you are entered into each time you trade. It has chat banning, tipping other users, fun games and a great crowd.

Atomic Trade Exchange has what they call ATP/BTC pair and its a user mined commodity, bound to the exchange and you use it for the games and different trader account upgrades and every part of the 6k ATP you hold by mining it through trading or chatting in the chat box; you get a payout based on the amount you hold relative to the amount in circulation at that time and the payout will be 40% of the exchanges trading fees generated.

How cool is that right    :)


But most importantly it is on an exchange that is dealing with USD and this is fantastic news and a Milestone for MinCoin so feel free to celebrate on this wonderful achievement



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#291 Maxalt's Crypto Sport Betting Service

Posted by maxalt on 25 September 2013 - 08:09 AM

Hi Everyone.


I currently run a sports betting service on mcxNOW.com.


This is how it works.


You can ask me for odds on any live sporting event that i can watch or monitor live on flashscores.com.


I will also post lists of odds for popular sports i.e football (soccer) , American football (handegg), Baseball and whatever takes my fancy that day :)


For example today are league cup games in the UK here is the odds i offer on 1 of these games.


25 Sep.
19:45   Manchester Utd v Liverpool     
So you fancy liverpool to win
I give you an address to send your coins to which i label and post back to you as a receipt when i've received your coins.
so supertramp wants liverpool he sends me 100 mnc, if they win i send him back 330 mnc, these are decimal odds,  2.0 = even money.
I currently use the user 2 user feature on mcxnow.com for all payouts, so you have to be a member there to make use of this service atm.
I only accept MNC and WDC  and all bets are limited risk for me, as my bankroll increases (fingers crossed) i will increase my risk.
My current risk is set at 50 MNC or 500 WDC (loss to me not your max bet)
This service is done completely live.
I am the worlds 1st live cryptocoin bookmaker :)
You will find me  in the International chat section @ mcxnow.com, this is because it is quieter than the main channel, this may change in the future.
 Any questions you may have post them here or ask me live on mcxnow.com.
Good luck felo alters... :)

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#10 Mincoin Price

Posted by SuperTramp on 13 September 2013 - 03:36 AM

Buy Buy Buy MinCoin !!! biggrin.png





PS> Blue-horse-shoe LOVES MinCoin.











MinCoin, the #1 crypto-commodity

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#8470 MinCoin Update - What Would You Like To See ?

Posted by SuperTramp on 11 July 2017 - 05:37 PM

We are Currently Working on some Updates For MinCoin. We would like to get the community involved to see what features people would like added as we move forward with the MinCoin Project.


Please Reply to this topic with things you would like to see included in this next update. We can't promise that everything everyone wants will be included but we can always push things into another update!





Thanks for your continued support!






MinCoin, The One Minute Coin. The Commodity That Spends Like A Currency.

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#8440 We Are Working On An UPDATE To MinCoin - STAY TUNED

Posted by SuperTramp on 25 May 2017 - 11:42 AM

More Info Coming Soon !


Stay Tuned !

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#3620 50 free mnc for new members

Posted by -Jt on 14 July 2015 - 07:33 PM

Ohhhh man, this is FUN! Thanks man!!!

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#3589 Just want to say Hello And Tell You I Love MinCoin

Posted by WaylonTrud on 06 June 2015 - 09:30 AM

Terrific posts. Thanks a lot. I love your website: mincoin.us



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#3512 MinCoin Has New Service Providers - Accepting MinCoin

Posted by SuperTramp on 31 March 2015 - 08:38 AM

New Service Providers Accepting MinCoin For Payment !


Read the News Article HERE.





MinCoin, The #1 Digital Commodity.

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#3511 open exchange MNC in poloniex

Posted by cyborg on 30 March 2015 - 06:17 AM

You can make a request for MinCoin to be added Here > https://poloniex.com/coinRequest


Thanks everyone for your continued support!



I have done it ..
is now waiting for the members of the forum at least ask exchanges in poloniex

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#3273 New and more easy Haasonline Trading bot 2.0!

Posted by Kenonline05 on 02 February 2015 - 10:38 AM

We are proud to announce that Haasbot 2.0 is now live!

Haasbot 2.0 has a multitude of new features, such as the completely redesigned interface, new indicators, new pages for monitoring orders and much more!

Keep in mind, Haasbot 2.0 will not initially have the white server integrated. We are working to get that running to our standards so that your trading experience is the best possible.

New Features
- New advanced license indicators: Ichimoku Clouds, Fibonacci Retracements, and Elliot Wave Prediction.
- New Order View Page: Displays all queued, executing, and completed orders
- Marketview Page: Execute orders in a snap while watching the charts
- Price Comparison Page: View all the different exchanges prices for a particular currency pair that you are connected to
- Dashboard Page: View all of your bots in action! Live trades and quickly activate and deactivate bots.

- We will be slowly depreciating support for the 1.3.x/1.4.x versions of Haasbot. That means we will focus future development to Haasbot 2.0. If you are a fan of the 1.3.x/1.4.x Classic Interface, then you can revert back to that version and use that, but keep in mind that within a few months, we will fully stop supporting it. We advise you to check out the 2.0 interface and to try to become accustomed to it.

Visit our website at www.haasonline.com/?ref=15

Haasonline Software Team








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#3259 Z-miner.net

Posted by z-miner on 23 January 2015 - 01:58 PM

Mining hardware products
For more information:

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#3187 One minute blocks

Posted by Chicago on 03 January 2015 - 07:02 PM


    It has been a while since I have had the time to do any development with scrypt and after starting my Mincoin wallet again recently, I began to monitor the "SetBestChain" notifications in my debug.log.

    If you care to follow along, look at height 595171 through 595199 for an example of our retargeting algorithm ineffeciencies.

    During this period, the difficulty remained above 5 but afterwards, momentarily dropped to 2 and then multi-pools came along as can be seen from height 595498 to present.

    This is pretty much what Mincoin looked like in April of 2014 when I had last commented on the promise of one minute blocks with SnowLeopard in #Mincoin on Freenode.

    When the blocks are several hours between, the loyal miners are not rewarded.

    When the difficulty algorithm finally retargets reasonably, the multi-pool miners take the money and run.


    This year, Kimoto's Gravity Well has been adapted to deal with the Time Warp vulnerability which has been used to attack various scrypt chains.

    I would like to collaborate with other interested developers on the Testnet to evaluate a fork of our repository with KGW enhancements for the benefit of the greater Mincoin community.


The Newbie's Guide to Kimoto's Gravity Well

Regarding Auroracoin TW exploit (Fix included)


Kind Regards,

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