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Help. Mining p2pool. Finding many blocks, but no payments over 24hrs

p2pool no payout

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#1 BarneyFife



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Posted 06 March 2014 - 06:12 PM

I'm wonder if something is wrong with p2pool.org.


i'v been mining there for MNC for over a day. user






Wed Mar 05 2014 18:21:36 GMT-0800 (PST) 0.715

Wed Mar 05 2014 17:48:00 GMT-0800 (PST) 0.540

Wed Mar 05 2014 17:14:24 GMT-0800 (PST) 0.561

Wed Mar 05 2014 16:40:48 GMT-0800 (PST) 0.590

Wed Mar 05 2014 16:07:12 GMT-0800 (PST) 0.476

Wed Mar 05 2014 15:33:36 GMT-0800 (PST) 0.727

Wed Mar 05 2014 15:00:00 GMT-0800 (PST) 0.579


should i be seeing something in my wallet, or in the block chain?


when i look at cryptoexplorer i see nothing recorded at any of the addresses mining this pool after 3/28/14.





three hours later- still no coin in the wallet. wallet is up to date, with connections, latest version.


i put a small rig on a regular pool after the above post and i just cashed it out to check the wallet and connections. got here in 5 seconds.


in pursuing the shares data i find my address shown regularly.


this is not my first go at p2p mining, and it's gone well untill now

P2Pool > Share 5e4defee

Parent: 20576d9f

Children: d0b0ce5b

Type: Share

Local data

Verified: true

Time first seen: Thu Mar 06 2014 16:48:30 GMT-0800 (PST) (1394153310.095046)

Peer first received from: null

Share data

Timestamp: Thu Mar 06 2014 16:48:02 GMT-0800 (PST) (1394153282)

Difficulty: 0.017669197359825313

Minimum difficulty: 0.017669197359825313

Payout address: ME8PW2eE5LhUJy2YrTfeaECp6EcMiYS1B8

Donation amount: 0.00%

Last stale: null

Nonce: 3977592938

Desired version: 11

Absolute height: undefined

Absolute work: undefined


Hash: 8076491aaba3348a3c954b28733bc82a49649388da045382aa6ff05d5e4defee

Transaction count: undefined


Version: 1

Previous block: 6f0a99d19f549a123c94c94fe49fdedd31d8bb0d5d6608e9f69adb99f31ab7b4

Merkle root: 3455694e1b27ee5aba945a01fce4fd4c3fe7f5ac16ba6e6dba69f8c9f66d31c2

Timestamp: 1394153277

Difficulty: 0.05911877971838406

Nonce: 1834092032

Generation transaction

Hash: 3455694e1b27ee5aba945a01fce4fd4c3fe7f5ac16ba6e6dba69f8c9f66d31c2

Coinbase: 03756205062f503253482f ?ub??/P2SH/

Value: 2 MNC

#2 CC66



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Posted 07 March 2014 - 03:28 AM

We've been in the process of contacting p2pool.org they are currently in need of an update. 


Please try using one of these three pools in the meantime.  What hashrate are you mining with around 2mhs?


*Mincoin.io Pool: http://pool.mincoin.io/

*Snow Leopard's Hashery (Canada)http://mincoin.x1z.net

*Vircur Pool: http://mnc.vircurpool.com/

#3 BarneyFife



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Posted 07 March 2014 - 04:01 AM





Were we just mining our own little fantasy chain over there?


I only have 1.2 mhs and it looked like I was mining well over 1 min per hour.


It was kind of fun finding all those blocks.



#4 necom


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Posted 07 March 2014 - 04:22 AM





Were we just mining our own little fantasy chain over there?


I only have 1.2 mhs and it looked like I was mining well over 1 min per hour.


It was kind of fun finding all those blocks.




Yeah, unfortunately, that's what happened.  Sucks, but it does happen when trying to get in touch with so many places.  Some of these sites & pools just seem to never check email or check up on their running wallet versions.

#5 LtPaxIV



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Posted 07 March 2014 - 09:13 AM

p2pool.org also didnt change the block/address explorer links in the source code they are using

#6 SnowLeopard


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Posted 07 March 2014 - 12:32 PM

I mined MNC on p2pool.org for a couple days last week (or was it week before) and not withstanding connection issues you've brought up, I do NOT recommend using them or any other pool using p2pool software for MinCoin.

Don't get me wrong!   P2Pool is excellent software, P2Pool.org run nice stable pools as far as I can tell.  

The problem arises when you want to spend your mined MinCoins.    The p2pool software is "pay-as-you-go" -- as soon as you have a share of income from mining it is payed out.   This means you will receive dozens if not hundreds of little transactions, then when you want to spend your coins, several of this transactions must be combined to create your payment which generates an oversized transaction requiring extra transaction fees.


Other pool sites accumulate your income in order to make fewer larger payouts (thereby reducing transaction fees).


Shameless self plug:   You are more than welcome to try my new pool, nicely christened SnowLeopard's Hashery.

Tips: MSnowLeQwEC57j2UKY8hEcaH2oJbmgutt4

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